Akshay Kumar, highest tax payer again

Recently, Akshay Kumar starred in Income-Tax Department advertisement to promote compliance. Akshay lived up to his image as he is the highest tax payer in Bollywood for second year in a row.  Akshay paid an advance tax of Rs 9 crore in March, 2010, taking his total advance tax payment in the current financial year to Rs 18 crore. He paid Rs 31 crore in 2008-09.   
“It feels good and privileged to be the highest tax payer. It is also a greater sense of responsibility, “ said Akshay.  With a tax payment of Rs 12 crore, Amir Khan stands next in the ladder followed by Shahrukh Khan.

Though Akshay had a rough year with all his five releases Chandni Chowk to China, Kambaqht Ishq, Blue and Percept’s Tasveer 8 x 19 and De Dana Dan all struggled at the cash counter. In addition, his endorsement Thumbs Up was there with Levis, while he added LG and Dollar Vest collectively contributed to his earnings and thereby tax.   
“Along with fulfilling my tax duties, I also feel the time has come for me to give back to society and the country at large. Which is why I am also using my brand status to do an ad for service tax. If I can get my message across to even half the people across, I feel it would be worth it,” Akshay added.   

Talking about Bachchans, Abhishek paid an advance tax of Rs 4.15 crore in March, 2010, while his wife Aishwarya Rai paid Rs 2 crore. Big B paid advance tax of Rs 2.9 crore in March, 2010.