Akshay Kumar fans slam Filmfare Awards as fake and rigged

Akshay Kumar has starred in critically acclaimed and successful films like ‘Airlift’ and ‘Rustom’ and the actor’s performance has also been very much appreciated. But when nomination list for the 62nd Filmfare Awards was released, neither Akshay, nor any of his films figured in it.

This didn’t go down well with Akshay fans who expressed their disappointment on social media. They slammed the awards calling it fake and rigged, and trended ‘#Filmfare Awards On Sale’.

Following are some of the angry tweets by fans of the Khiladi Kumar:-

“Not a single nomination for 2 of d best movies of 2017 - Airlift & Rustom, Clearly shows what a sham'e' awards are. FILMFARE AWARDS ON SALE.”

“To ignore a mainstream actor like @akshaykumar from nomination is a sheer nonsense by @filmfare #FilmfareAwardsOnSale #shamefilmfare.”

“FILMFARE AWARDS ON SALE WHAT THE FUCK!! No Manoj Bajpayee... No Akshay Kumar... Are you serious with bullshit!!!!”

“No One Can Match Akshay Sir Performance In Rustom He Was Just Awesome RIP Awards FILMFARE AWARDS ON SALE.”

“He Ignored In Every Fake Awards Show Even He is Delivering Masterpiece Movies Every Year !! Fake & Paid @filmfare !! FILMFARE AWARDS ON SALE.”

“Hypocrisy at the highest level #FilmfareAwardsOnSale No nomination for @akshaykumar inspite of brilliant performances.”

A sarcastic tweet read, “I wanna be a best female playback singer at @filmfare .Can I ? By which currency should I pay ? US$ ,Euro ,INR etc FILMFARE AWARDS ON SALE.”

“I think everything is already fixed before the awards ceremony and thats the reason @aamir_khan never shows up.."FILMFARE AWARDS ON SALE".”

“Akshay doesnt gv a damn to ur award show. But we audiences give coz filmfare is oldest award shw FILMFARE AWARDS ON [email protected]

However, Akshay is not bothered as, by his own admission, he is not interested in the awards. In fact, in an interview when he was asked about not being nominated for the Filmfare awards, he laughed it off saying, “Awards? (Laughs) it is alright. Many a times in the past when I have gone for awards, they give me the card and then I see around. If a person’s name mentioned in the list is sitting ahead of me I am sure he will get the award. It has become a guess game. Actually not even a guess game!”