Akshay Kumar charges 1.5 crore per day for shooting an ad

Akshay KumarAkshay Kumar is one of the actors who has had constant back to back hits since last year. And the khiladi now wants to capitalise on his success at the box-office. Akshay has been endorsing a few brands for quite some time now. Now he is all set to endorse the Spykar denim brand and it has been reported that Akki will charge Rs. 1.5 crores for a day's work, Rs. 3 crores for two days and Rs. 9 crores for six days of work.  

Spykar denim brand is keen to sign Akshay Kumar as their brand ambassador as they want a big star to be a style icon for today's youth. Despite Akki' exorbitant fees, Spykar is keen to sign him on as their brand ambassador. Also Akshay and Spykar brand's Marketing director, Sanjay Vakharia are childhood friends and have been in touch. Naturally both Akshay as well Sanjay are keen that the deal works out. Akshay confirmed that he would be Spykar's brand ambassador but refused to discuss his fee, he said "I’m doing this endorsement for someone I’ve known since childhood. And because it is a youth brand. But let’s not talk about the money. I’ll just say I’ll get what I deserve." Spykar's Marketing director Sanjay said "Akshay is our only choice and nobody is more of a style icon for today’s youth.” Meanwhile Akki is also being choosy with his brand endorsements by coating such a large fee, only the best brands who can afford him will naturally approach him. This way the brands he endorses will also help in building his image.  

According to sources, if the deal is signed with Akshay for Rs. 1.5 crore, then Akshay will give an entire day to Spykar to shoot their commercials, conduct photo shoots or make appearances at their events. They can then attribute Akshay’s name to the brand for an entire year. If the actor is needed for two days, his fee doubles to Rs. 3 crore and they can utilise his name for two years. Akshay is reportedly also the most expensive actor as he now charges around Rs. 20-30 crores per film. Akshay definitely seems like he is worth all this money as he has a number of big banner films lined up for this year. He will be seen in Yash Raj's Tashan, Singh is King, Eight by Ten, Chandini Chowk to China Gate, Kambhaqt Ishq etc.