Akshay hosts ‘Gabbar Is Back’ screening for his son Aarav

Akshay Kumar’s much awaited film ‘Gabbar Is Back’ is awaiting its release. The action film has the Bollywood khiladi Akshay Kumar at the helm. The film is pegged to release next month. But the super star decided to host a screening for his upcoming film all by himself. The star came up with the unique idea to host a screening for the film ‘Gabbar Is Back’ for his son Aarav.

Daddy Akshay Kumar arrived at the venue along with is son Aarav. The star looked fetching in his blue suit and white beard. Along with the duo, Akki’s wife and the beautiful former actress twinkle Khanna, too showed up at the screening. Akshay indeed looked charming in his new salt-and –pepper beard style that he has been seen sporting for a while now.

Since Akshay had hosted the screening of his film for chiefly his son Aarav, this affair had to be classified as a personal and private one mostly engaging members of his family and close friends and acquaintances. As a result not too many known faces form amongst his colleagues from the film industry were encountered at the gala event. Amongst the few and far between names there was the scion from Shiv Sena, Aditya Thackeray seen attending the occasion.

Akshay being the host of the show was seen very involved in looking after his invitees at a personal level.

Daddy Akshay Kumar wanted his son to watch the former’s upcoming action film ‘Gabbar Is Back’. The film has Akshay playing the lead.  He is the man who is motivated to wipe out corruption on behalf of the common man of India. Since the actor fights against the huge corruption problem in India he wanted his young son to watch the film to grasp the concept.

The action flick ‘Gabbar Is Back’ has been named after the iconic villain, the ultimate and quintessential villain Gabbar from the super classic Bollywood film ‘Sholay’. Out of the bevy of songs from the film, there is a song named after the villain ‘Warna Gabbar Aa Jayega’.

The film ‘Gabbar Is Back’ directed by the South Indian director Kris is a remake of the popular Tamil film Ramana (2002). The film has apart from Akshay Kumar himself, the beautiful actress Shruti Haasan. It has been produced by Sanjay Leela Bansali and Viacom 18 Motion Pictures. The film will hit the Indian screens on May 1, 2015.