Akshay fulfills his 20 yr old dream

When we think of Akshay Kumar, the first thing about him that comes to our mind is his punches and kicks. Akki ventured into film industry with these talents and later he mastered in acting. Action has always been the actor's first love. Not only in films but in award functions too, he preferred actions more than songs and dances. After completing 20 years in film industry, Akki is again set to live his dream of sponsoring karate. 

He is all set to sponsor a Karate Championship where the young talents can enhance their skills and abilities not only in national level but internationally. The championship has rightly been termed as 'Akshay Kumar 1st Invitational Open National Karate Championship'. About 2000 participants will be traveling to Mumbai from across the country. The championship will be held from 22nd-25th October 2009 at Andheri Sports Complex Mumbai. 

Says an official connected to the championship, "Akshay has always been passionate about Karate and is especially considerate about the fact that there is so much talent in the country that needs to be nurtured.

He was particularly moved by the plight of some really talented athletes who could reach the highest level if given an opportunity but haven't been able to do so because of lack of funds.

With this championship, he wishes to create a platform where young and budding talent from all over India would get together and get into a world class fighting event. This event will also promote Karate and Martial Arts to the remotest corners of the country."