Akshay-Ajay clash at box-office

Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn have managed to scrawl into Bollywood Gossip once again, as AK’s ‘It’s Entertainment’ and Ajay’s ‘Singham Returns’ suffer yet another release date-clash at the box-office!


Caught in this crossfire is Sajid-Farhad duo who debuted as directors in ‘Entertainment’ and have written the script for ‘Singham Returns’. The former released on 08th August 2014 while the latter is set to hit the screens on 15th August 2014.


In a press conference, Sajid shared his experience on film-making. He said, "We are blessed to get this opportunity to direct. We were handing 36 departments. We divided them into 18 each. Our combination helped us a lot in writing and direction. We are going to justify the title Entertainment. The audience won't go away disappointed. It's a film that will make people laugh and yet touch hearts."


This isn’t it..there’s more! The duo Sajid-Farhad received a shock last Thursday, when they got to know that the producers of the ‘Singham’ sequel had booked all single screen theatres across the country, which means that Bollywood Khiladi has only one-week run in these movie halls. Even in multiplexes, the number of shows of a particular film depends upon how it’s doing among the masses.


Sajid sounds helpless, “Dono films hamare bachche hain. Lekin dono mein se ek laadla hain, which is naturally ‘Entertainment’. It’s our own baby. We have just given birth to ‘Singham Returns’. Rohit bhaiyya has clothed, fed and brought it up. In ‘Entertainment’, we have done everything from giving birth to clothing and feeding the baby. We just heard the news of the limited run of ‘Entertainment’ and don’t know how true it is or how to react. We don’t know the full facts as yet. It’s unfortunate that this has happened. Though now, we have to think commercially also.”


On being questioned if they tried to settle the problem with the ‘Singham Returns’ director, Rohit Shetty, Sajid further confided, “We don’t know. We don’t get into all that at all. The commercial aspect is handled by others. It’s all between the big people to sort out. Farhad and I just want both the films to work as both are our babies and people connected to both the films are all very dear to us.” Rohit, however, remains unavailable to comment.


Well, much as the battle between our two beloved actors is keeping us all enthralled, we pray that this brash-saga comes to an end, and both these movies do well at the theatres. However, for all our Bollywood-lifers, you can expect another clash between Akki and Ajay on October 7, 2014 with their upcoming movies ‘Action Jackson’ and ‘The Shaukeens’.