Akon to perform with SRK at a wedding

Akon has a great fan-base here in India. However, apart from the urban crowd nobody really knew he existed. What did the trick for him was the song “Chammak Challo” from “Ra.One”, the song was massy and made him reach out to a larger section of listeners who had no interest or taste in his kind of songs.

The song “Chammak Challo” became a huge hit with everybody enjoying its tunes. The collaboration between the duo Vishal-Shekhar and Akon thus was successful. Also, it was Shah Rukh Khan who had got him on board for the project and rest is history.

What can also be inferred from the collaboration is that Akon too has been able to develop a certain bond with SRK and vice-versa that is reflected in the new gossip that has cropped up. It is known that SRK and many others from the industry dance at extravagant weddings of the family members of business tycoons and in the process mints money.

Akon after “Chammak Challo” is a new entrant in that list. This wedding season he is one of the most sought after. It has been reported that he has been flooded with offers to perform at these high-profile marriages. However, when he had to make a choice between performing at a wedding and showing his loyalty towards SRK he chose the latter.

Akon had already been zeroed in for a performance at the United Kingdom based business tycoon Puru Sethia’s marriage that would be held in Udaipur. Priyanka Chopra too was supposed to perform there.

However when SRK was informed about this, he called Akon up and asked him if he could turn down the Udaipur offer and perform with him at a marriage ceremony held for the couple Karan Soorma and Soniya Shenoy in Goa.

Akon readily agreed to this offer for the man who introduced him to Bollywood. He gave back the advance that he had taken for performing in Udaipur and took a flight for Goa instead. There he will join SRK and perform along with Mika.

The person who has been left out in this hullaballoo is Priyanka Chopra. She is a close associate of SRK and we wonder how she is going to react to such a situation where she has been left out. There had already been enough written about SRK and Priyanka before to affect their friendship and now this.