Akki pushes Lara into 70 ft deep underwater

It you think Lara deserves all the credits of doing dangerous dive in ‘Blue’ then you are totally wrong. The one who encourages Lara Dutta to take lesson on diving and put on her all the confidence to go underwater is none other than the stunt king, Akshay Kumar. “Well he was the one who recommended my name for Blue,” said Lara.

At first, Lara was not happy with the idea of diving 70ft with Sharks. But Akki has shown his full confidence on her and encourage her to take up the challenge. She reveals, “I got a call from Akshay who told me, ‘take a swimming lesson if you don’t like it then say no to the movie but take one swimming lesson and see how it goes.’ He has this favorite dialogue - Tu nahi toh kaun karega - and he knows that gets me every single time.”

Lara informs that after a three month training she got certified as a diver. “I must say that as an actress in the industry very few times you get anything that really challenges you in a role including something that is physically challenging and I am extremely lucky on that part.” She signs off. 

‘Blue’ is one of the highly awaited flicks of 2009.