Akki gave away award to Aamir out of anger

When the year closes, actors get their due honor in the form of award for their success which they have achieved through hard-work. It is like a lottery, some wins and some misses even after performing better and the losers have to go home empty handed. But Akshay in the recently held Screen award had an altogether different story to tell. Though he received the popular actor award, he did not carry it home as he gave away the award to Aamir Khan saying that he deserves it more than him. But here lies the truth, Akki gave away the award to Aamir out of anger.

The story goes as when the organizers unable to fulfill Akshay’s demand of Rs 2.5 crore for a performance promised him Best Actor award only if he attends the function. Though Akki turned up, they did not keep their promise and announced his name for the Most Popular Actor. Immediately, Akshay played a trick, he went up to the stage, did not hold the award and dedicated it to Aamir who was not the present at the event.

According to an insider, "The actor promised to be present at the event, and flew back from the world premieres of CC2C on Tuesday morning. On the day of the award, he sent across a written speech and asked for it to be played on the teleprompter. He was all set to collect his Best Actor award that evening. To his horror, his name was announced for the Most Popular Actor, and not the Best Actor category as promised."

Instead, the Best actor award went to Hrithik Roshan for Jodhaa Akbar.