Akki continues to be with Cola

Action king Akshay Kumar's glory is increasing over the years and endorsers does not want to lose him at any cost. He has been endorsing Thumbs Up for four years and will continue to do so. The Cola company has renewed their contact with him.

A source reveals, "Action has always been Akki's forte and the Thumbs Up commercials use that point to maximum advantage. Presently, the creative team is discussing the look and feel of the next commercial to be shot in the coming few weeks. In the last series of commercials for the company, he had done parker. For the latest one, Akki plans to take the action in the commercials to another level."

The source further adds, "The renewal marks Akshay's fourth year with the brand. In an era when most cola companies keep changing the brand ambassador frequently, Akki has been bringing in laurels for this particular brand. Before Akki, Salman was the face of the product, but with him, the marketing team of the brand never got the desired effect."

Akki has brought huge profit and splendor to the company in last four years and they believe that he will further increase their sale in near future too.