Akki asks Sallu when he will marry Kat?

Akshay Kumar and Salman KhanAkshay, Salman and Katrina always garner attention. For the first time, this interesting trio has been brought under the same frame at Dus Ka Dum. The show is roping more celebrities day by day to higher up the TRP. And Salman who is also now part of the TRP game did not hesitate to withstand his wildest enemy beside his beau and very calmly digested some tongue-in-cheeks jokes from Akki.

The episode is filled up with huge fireworks and ironic comments. While Salman and Akshay continuously passed sarcastic comments on one another, Katrina stood there with a confused face. She was not able to understand the head and tail of their discussion. Intentionally or unintentionally, Akki went up to ask some personal questions to Salman. He also raised up their marriage issue and ended up asking in a diplomatic way as when he will marry his beautiful girlfriend Katrina.  

Salman who never discloses his personal affair in public seemed discontented with such question but helplessly tolerate Akki’s disgraceful move.