Ajaz tries to break-up lovebirds Gauhar-Kushal

The mad house of Bigg Boss, season 7 is choc a block full of high intensity drama, action and noisy verbal bouts. Armaan and Sofia are the baton bearers in the shouting competition, as they most of the time break into high decibel arguments. Kushal is the new vocal kid of the block, he has already established himself as an equally well noisy and argumentative person. It is almost impossible to decide who the bigger bully is, Armaan or Kushal the brat.

Amidst all this hot and spicy incidents, the only sweetness is brought forward by the love story of Gauhar and Kushal. The couple is seen most of the time together and happily chatting or giggling away. Even a few times they were in conditions that are not exactly advised for family viewing. Is the romance true? Or is it simply one of the publicity gigs to hog the lime light? Though we cannot tell for sure whether it is an act or true call of the hearts, we can definitely say that the couple is as different from each other as chalk and cheese.

Kushal and Gauhar were close from the starting of the season 7 of Bigg Boss but soon Kushal was evicted from the house. Ajaz enters the house and falls head over heel in love with Gauhar. Funnily within 2 days he is deeply immersed in the love of Gauhar or ‘Khan Saab’ as he affectionately calls her. However, Kushal returns to the house and Ajaz finds himself distanced by Gauhar. What ensures is a love triangle if you can believe it with a pinch of salt.

A vengeful Ajaz makes Kushal drink from the dog’s bowl. He even tried to woo Gauhar several times in front of Kushal. However, Khan Saab didn’t respond to his advances. Kushal all this while was seen as a mute spectator. One would have thought that Kushal would start clashing with Ajaz but it seems he is his best buddy now in the show. What a super confused love triangle. The lover of Kushal’s girlfriend has become his best mate. Is this love or is something wrong with Kushal.

Ajaz is however not keeping any stone is unturned to create rift between Kushal and Gauhar in the meanwhile.  He started telling negative things about Gauhar to Kushal. But he replied that their relation is based on trust. Next Ajaz tried his luck by telling Gauhar about Kushal’s past and his girlfriends. Only time will tell if he succeeds in breaking the so called love couple.