Ajaz Khan released on bail, lashes out at media

Former ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant Ajaz Khan is out on bail for Rs 10,000. He was arrested by police following a complaint lodged by model Aishwarya Choubeyfor sending obsence pictures and lwed messages. He was arrested on Saturday night and produced in the court on Sunday hearing and later released on bail.

Pleading innocence, Ajaz says, “They called me to the police station through IT (Information, Technology) Act. They wanted me to surrender my phone which I had not done when I had been summoned the last time. I did so this time. They called me on Saturday evening thinking I wouldn’t be able to obtain bail on Sunday.But God is with me. Because the truth is with me. I went to police station at 4 pm on Saturday and I got bail at 9 am on Sunday.”

Ajaz warns “I am a man and a celebrity.That’s a dead combination. I want to warn all celebrities to be careful whom they connect with on Tinder, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and other social networking sites. There are lots of strugglers out there who want to get famous by piling on and pulling down people more famous them. There are lots of stupid blackmailers out there. The government has given illimitable power to women, and they frequently misuse these powers.You’ve seen how girls out to get some publicity have ruined the careers of people in the entertainment world. Anyway, I did nothing wrong. That’s why I am out on bail. Otherwise the laws of the country favour women. No matter what their allegations and no matter how strong a man’s defence, women are favoured by the law. If I was even remotely guilty I’d be in jail right now.”

Ajaaz lashes out at the media for writing news without verifying facts, “No one knows who the lady is. No one knows her name. Some say she runs a boutique, others say she is a hairstylist.Portals all across the internet wrote whatever they want without confirming the truth with me or the cops.Is this fair?”

Ajaz also vented his anger on women. “Women out to get instant fame play along with men. And when men reply they run to the police. Why did this lady start an interaction with me in the first place? I had no relationship whatsoever with her. She befriended me. What followed is not something that can happen from one of the parties only.Taali do haath se bajti hai. But the media has decided to crucify me. It takes so little to spoil a man’s reputation by labelling him a lecher .”