Ajay, Katrina to help out Prakash Jha

Director Prakash Jha is contesting for the Lok Sabha elections from the Bettiah seat in Bihar and helping out in his campaign will be his ‘Rajneeti’ lead actors, Ajay Devgan and Katrina Kaif. Both are popular public figures and will invite huge crowd.

A source on the project reveals, "Ajay is very close to Jha. Even though he doesn't endorse political parties or take a political stand, he will definitely do everything in his capacity to support Jha.  Also Katrina, who has been drawing huge crowds to the locations where the film is being shot, will be roped in. People travel from long distances to come and see her. If she campaigns for Jha, it will definitely add to the glamour element."

Devgan feels Jha will an ideal leader for the constituency. A source adds, "Jha has done to help the flood victims in Bihar, and his Punarvaas campaign has been a huge success and Ajay has personally followed the project. So he wants to support him."

However Ajay Devgan's publicist denied the news, "The news that Ajay is campaigning for Jha in the forthcoming elections is not true."