Ajay Devgn storms out of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’

Kapil Sharma has done it again and this time with the ‘Baadshaho’ team.  The noted comedian failed to turn up for the show and this left Ajay Devgn highly miffed and he storms out of the show along with his team member. The set was ready, the team was ready, the star casts of ‘Baadshaho’ were ready and now the wait was only for Kapil.

Kapil was supposed to shoot the Saturday episode with Ajay Devgn, Emraan Hashmi, Ileana D'Cruz and Esha Gupta but after waiting for 15 minutes when the ace comedian failed to turn up, they walked out.  It is learnt that Kapil struggled to wake up in the morning after late night shoot.

A report in SpotboyE quotes a source as saying, "Kapil's phones were switched off. The team was leaving no stone unturned to get in touch with him, but to no avail. Even Kapil's team did not give a proper answer."

Since July, Kapil Sharma show shoot cancelled seven times and five times due to host’s ill-health. It is said that the comedian is under immense stress for lower TRPs of the show. Couple of times, he fainted on the set and had to rush to the hospital.

Kapil Sharma's colleague Kiku Sharda told last month that the comedian was not depressed as some reports suggested. "Kapil's absence due to his ill-health has fanned stupid speculations. I don't want to comment and fan all this further. We have started shooting for the coming weekend," he said.

While Kapil has accepted that he had low blood pressure due to which he fainted, he had refused that he had depression. “It (depression) is just a big term for me (laughs). Apart from low blood pressure, I am not at all facing any health issues. I have started taking care of my diet and body. I am perfectly fine now,” he had said in a Facebook live with his fans.

Earlier, Sumona Chakravarti, who plays Kapil’s wife on the show, had said, “Yes his (Kapil’s) health has not been very good and the name of the show is Kapil Sharma. Unfortunately, he is under a lot of pressure and that’s fair enough. We all have our ups and downs in terms of health..It happens, sometimes you can’t even afford to fall sick but the body does take a toll so it’s okay, and not like he kept anyone waiting and everybody understands when someone is sick, it’s genuine.”

Lower TRPs of the show, and parallel shooting of the comedy show and his upcoming film, ‘Firangi’ has taken a toll on Kapil's health.