Ajay Devgn not so friendly with Karan Johar

For the last few months Ajay Devgn has been working really hard for his film ‘Singhma Returns’. He was so serious about releasing the film on 15th August that he almost forcefully forwarded the shooting of his film ‘Action Jackson’ to the month of November.  For Ajay Bajirao Singham is not merely a film character or person. He says, "Bajirao Singham for me is not a person but a characteristic: Do the right thing at the right time. And what better time than August 15."

While the original ‘Singham’ was a box-office success, critics disliked it for being over the top. But Ajay Devgn feels the sequel will change that perception. He says, “It doesn't have people flying into the air and over-the-top-action. This film is bigger, better, and more real, shot in locations in Mumbai you've never seen on screen before." He also mentioned the support provided by the police department for the shooting of the film. He said, "The cops offered us a lot of support while we were filming, now we'd like to do something for them, may be get them some new surveillance jeeps."

Apart from ‘Singham Returns’, the other most talked about thing about Ajay Devgn is his recent patch up with Shahrukh Khan. As per industry gossip, it was organized by Rohit Shetty who is close to both SRK and Ajay. But Ajay Devgn claims Rohit Shetty did not do anything and he never had any problems with SRK. Ajay said, "No, Rohit didn't play mediator…Maybe there was something 20 years ago, when we were both rash and brash, but he's never spoken out against me or vice versa. We may not meet for a drink every day, but we were not at war. You don't have to be best friends with everyone. He has his life, I have mine. But since we are part of the same industry, we support each other." There have also been rumors flying around the industry about the equation between his wife Kajol and Karan Johar after Karan refused to talk about Kajol in an interview. But Ajay maintains his distance from the issue. He said, "I don't know, that's between them…With Karan my equation has been the same, we were never too friendly." When asked about future projects, he said he was in discussion with Prakash Jha and Rajkumar Santoshi but nothing has been confirmed yet. At the moment he is only thinking about ‘Singham Returns’.