Ajay Devgan pokes fun at Saif, Kareena

In the film, ‘Toonpur Ka Superhero, a cartoon of Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor was made and the protagonist of the film, Ajay Devgan was shown acting alongside the couple.  They were dressed up like ‘Omkara’ characters. Saif and Kareena who has done so many films with Ajay were highly upset with the act. They never thought in their wildest dream that Ajay would poked fun at them making their caricatures.

A source from Toonpur said, "In the film Ajay plays himself, a big star, who turns into a superhero for his son. There's a scene where he's shown shooting for his film Omkara (which also starred Saif and Kareena). They are part of the scene but their characters have been portrayed in a comic manner.

Saif is seen sporting a tattoo of Kareena on his left forearm as he does in real life even though during Omkara Saif and Kareena were not dating each other and neither did Saif have any tattoo. It was Ajay's idea to incorporate some fun elements into the film and makeit topical."

In the film, Ajay also made fun of Saif’s tattoo, "In Toonpur too Ajay's character is seen making fun of Saif, his tattoo and his love for Kareena while Kareena's character is a hot chick who is trying to seduce Ajay.

Saif's character is seen sporting sidelocks and goatee, the look Saif had a few months ago", adds the source. The cartoon upset both Saif and Bebo. "The couple were clueless about their caricatures as nobody had informed them about it.

But when someone who saw Toonpur last Wednesday told them about it they were shocked! Kareena and Ajay have worked together in the recently released super hit Golmaal 3 and Kareena had expected Ajay to tell her about it.

Even Saif, who considers Ajay a buddy and has worked with Toonpur producer Kumar Mangat Pathak in Omkara, is hurt that nobody bothered to tell him. Right now the couple are keeping quiet. They want to watch the film and then react."

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