Ajay Devgan flaunts his muscular body

Actor Ajay Devgan is playing a tough cop in his forthcoming action flick, ‘Singham’ to be directed by Rohit Shetty. To get into the character, Ajay has worked hard on his body and build up a muscular body.

He is playing a hard cop who is in charge of the villages on the Maharashtra-Goa border in the film.

"We`ve tried to achieve for Ajay the physique of a man who could bash up 20 people, if he so wished. It`s not a six pack look. Anyone can achieve that with injections and steroids," said Shetty.

"`Singham` is a raw action film filled with hand-to-hand combat scenes, something one rarely gets to see in movies in this day and age of high gadgetry. Ajay`s trainer Prashant Sawant is putting him through the paces," he added.

Talking about Ajay`s fitness regime, his trainer said, "We trained for three months. Ajay plays a very tough cop. He needed to look the part by losing weight, developing more cuts on his body and appear more lean and muscular.

After training for an-hour-and-a-half, I oversaw his diet and made sure he maintained a high-protein low-carb diet every three hours. Then I had him do a rigorous combination of weights and circuit super sets that incorporated all techniques including push-ups and pull-ups."

Sawant added since Ajay already had a great body it wasn’t so difficult for him to build his body.

"It didn`t take him much time. Ajay has a great body and he has always been a fitness freak. It`s not difficult for him to maintain it."

‘Singham’ is being produced by Reliance Entertainment.