Aishwarya to reveal a secret!

If you are really happy on reading the headline then sorry to say that it is untrue. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is not going to reveal any secret. This wrong information was published on ‘Twitter’, a community website on Ash's name. These days the Bachchan Bahu is going through sleepless nights as her peace of mind has been taken by an imposter who has registered under her name on ‘Twitter’ and claiming to ‘reveal a secret’ by her. 

Without her knowledge, some miscreant has registered her name on the community site ‘Twitter’ and submitting anything regarding Ash pretending to be her. Ever since the site reported that Ash is going to reveal some secret, her phone doesn’t stop ringing and family and friends called up Ash to know what the secret she is going to disclose.
Initially, Ash was clueless about the whole affair but came to know about the fake affair only when her phone kept ringing. She was flooded with phone calls, enquiring her about the secret that she is going to reveal. The fake profile reads- “Planning to share a secret with my Twitter friends… will update shortly.”

Ever since the statement flashed on the site, speculation began to cook up. Some thought of arrival of a new member and others about problem in her married life.

Ash is shock to know how her name has been misused and fake message have been posted on her behalf where in actuality she does not have any account on Twitter.