Aishwarya, Sonam in row

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Sonam Kapoor bind by L’Oreal factor. The duo is now repeatedly making news for being the brand ambassador of the international cosmetic products. Ash has many times walked the red carpet of Cannes as the brand ambassador of L’Oreal but this time the decision to walk the red carpet with the new young brand ambassador, Sonam Kapoor did not go well with Ash.

Sonam’s recent statement about Ash regarding her growing age and losing the youth appeal miffs Ash and regards her statement as juvenile and irresponsible. There has been lots of confusion about Sonam Kapoor walking the red carpet at Cannes film festival with Ash or not. Sources are divided into two.

The source adds, "Sonam was signed in December 2008 as ambassador for the brand in India and not as part of the international dream team. And so, she will not do the carpet honors at Cannes for the brand."

Another source remarks, "Ash will walk the red carpet with the brand's dream team, including Eva Longoria, Elizabeth Banks and Michelle Yeoh. Aishwarya got to know Sonam was coming when she reached Cannes. But Sonam has not been invited by the brand but is there with her father Anil Kapoor as a visitor."

However, Sonam is hurt by Aishwarya’s statement as she regards and places her in high esteem.