Aishwarya’s world revolves around Beti B

Beti B is Aishwarya’s top most priority. She works according to her little baby timings. Aishwarya remains with the baby all the time post her birth. She does not leave her alone for a moment. Though she has kept a nanny for the baby, Aishwarya makes sure that she does everything by herself.

According to an insider, Aishwarya and Abhishek planned a small private party with few close friends to celebrate their anniversary but returned before the baby's next feed. For convenient, they planned the bash at a restaurant near to their home so that they reach home on time.

She took Beti B along with her when she went to Dubai for an endorsement deal last month.  Her interviews have been scheduled in a suite next to her own, so that she could keep a tab on the baby. Moreover, she shot an ad commercial recently in the afternoon adjusting the baby’s sleeping time.

Ash has proved that she is a successful actress, a dedicated bahu, a responsible wife and a caring mother.