Aishwarya reprimanded by Jaya Bachchan for not being punctual

Aishwarya Rai may be an ex-Miss World and one of the most sought after actress’s in bollywood, so the former beauty queen is perhaps use to keeping people waiting for her endlessly. And all she has to do is probably dazzle with her charming smile and apologise to people and she is probably quickly forgiven. However the actress was in for a rude shock when her charming smile and profuse apologies did not rescue her from Jaya Bachchan’s lecture on punctuality. According to sources Ash was recently invited for a formal dinner at the Bachchan household and turned up late for the event without bothering to even call and inform her host. Hence a slightly miffed Jaya was quick to scold Ash for her late arrival.
According to sources “Ash had been invited by Jayaji and on entering late she apologized immediately. But Jaya reprimanded her saying that she should have informed her about being late and not kept everyone waiting for her.” Ash unfamiliar with the Bachchan norm of punctuality was quite taken aback by such a sharp telling off. However she did her best to cover up and once again profusely apologized. Later Ash also tried to give Jaya an explanation for her late arrival stating a huge load of work commitments but this only served to irritate Jaya even more and she retorted with a sharp reply saying “Take it easy Ash, aren’t we all working.” However when things got a bit uncomfortable at the table, Amitabh and his daughter Shweta tactfully changed the subject.

Prior to having dinner with the Bachchan’s, Ash was dubbing at a studio for a Yash Raj film and unfortunately there was no network at the studio hence she was unable to call and inform the Bachchan’s about her late arrival. Nonetheless Ash tried to make peace with Jaya by hugging her and promising that it would not happen again. However after the entire incident Jaya sensing that she had been too harsh on Ash, called her up and explained that her strict disciplinarian stance was because Amitabh did not like people being late. Ash is after all new to the Bachchan way of thinking and will perhaps take some time to adjust. One important aspect that Ash will have to take care of, if she wants to be in the good books of the family, is never to be late or keep anyone in the Bachchan household waiting.

Ash will soon be seen onscreen with beau Abhishek in Umrao Jaan, Dhoom 2 , Guru and Sarkar 2 .