Aishwarya Rai is choice number three for Love Story 2050

Love Story 2050, a Harry Baweja film is to be a sci-fi film that will launch the director’s son Harman Baweja. While the lead actor of the film, Harry is all excited and geared up for his launch, the film found itself against a brick wall, when recently the lead actress, Kareena Kapoor walked out of the film, citing date problems. Next in line Priyanka Chopra was offered the role, however she turned down the film citing ‘no dates’ as her excuse.
Now the buzz seems to be that Aishwarya Rai has been offered the role. However, Aishwarya has still to confirm if she will be doing the film. Director Harry Baweja claims, “Yes, I have approached Aishwarya Rai for my film Love story 2050. I approached Ash with the script and we are still amidst negotiations.” The director states that they have always wanted a big star opposite Harman in his debut; hence, they had first approached Kareena Kapoor who was unable to do the film. Now they want to sign the reigning queen of bollywood, Aishwarya. Harry states that comparisons cannot be drawn between the two actresses as each of them is in a league of their own and they each have their own set of fan following.

Harry Baweja has said that currently Aishwarya is in Rio shooting for Sanjay Ghadvi’s Dhoom 2, hence they are yet to have a one on one discussion. He states that once the actress is back from her shooting stint, the finer details like remuneration and other things will be discussed. But Harman is much younger and will only be making his debut while Ash is a seasoned actress who is older than him. So will this be an odd combination couple? Harry dispels all doubts by stating, “She is a fantastic actor and I don’t think that the look or combination should be an issue.”

There have been many controversies surrounding this film, even before the filming can take off. There has been a lot of speculation about Kareena’s walk out from the film, although she has merely stated that she did not have the chunks of dates that a sci-fi film would require. However, Harry says, “Kareena told me that she has date problems, I would like to believe her because I know her very well and I would not like to make any assumptions unless she tells me otherwise. We are all professionals and I think we should behave accordingly.”

Harry will be keeping his fingers crossed so that he can finally have a leading lady for his son’s debut film and can start shooting the film as soon as possible. We too hope that the director is third time lucky and manages to ensnare the beautiful Miss Rai to do his sci-fi flick. Ash’s other forthcoming movies include Dhoom 2 and Umrao Jaan, along with international projects Mistress of Spices, The Last Legion and Provoked.

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