Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan spending time together in Chennai

Are they or are they not seeing each other couple Ash and Abhi seem to be enjoying their shooting stint in Chennai for Mani Ratnam’s Guru. Recently Ash attended the IIFA premiere of her film Provoked in Dubai; however Abhi chose not to be present at the premiere but later attended the awards function. Well the two may be trying to stay out of the way of the media elsewhere, but back in Chennai they seem to be least bothered about the media or anybody else. The two are not only spending time with each on the sets of their film, but were also spotted catching a few flicks, partying and basically enjoying each others company.
After repeatedly denying their romantic liaison, Ash and Abhi were spotted together at several public places in Chennai. Prior to the IIFA event the two made their first public appearance together at a local children’s cancer hospital in Chennai. Ash and Abhi took time out from their hectic shooting schedules to spend some time with the terminally ill children, they seemed relaxed and content in each others company. After they both attended the IIFA separately, they then decided to catch up on a few English films. They watched Mission Impossible 3 and X Men 3, back to back at Sathyam Theater in Chennai.

A spokesperson from Sathyam Theater said “Ash and Abhi came to the cinema hall and were excited to watch both the films. They didn’t inform us in advance about coming to the theater, but in spite of this the crowd did not mob them.” Ash and Abhi were accompanied by six bodyguards who surrounded them at all times. Some audiences approached them for autographs after the film and they willingly obliged. The spokesperson of the theater also claimed “The cinema hall was full and we only had tickets in the H row, but they made no fuss about it.”

Ash and Abhi were also seen partying away the night at the Pasha nightclub, they danced on ‘Kajra Re’ till the wee hours of the morning and later replenished themselves with some snacks from a local eatery. Well the two definitely seem to be together and very much in love with each other. Away from the glare of the inquisitive media, Ash-Abhi seems to be making the most of their time together.