Aishwarya off to Dubai with Aaradhya

The four month old little angel of Aishwarya and Abhishek Bachchan is off to Dubai with her mom Ash for a two-day trip. Without giving the paparazzi any scope to peep into their movement, it is heard that Aishwarya left with Aaradhya with mother Vrinda Rai, baby’s nanny and her PR manager. The event was Dubai World Cup horseracing event.

Aishwarya is going to a part of the event. Papa Abhishek Bachchan failed to fly with his baby as he was busy with his shooting in Mumbai. However, this is Aaradhya’s first foreign trip. Her first outing destination was Goa. She flew with her parents during Papa Abhishek’s birthday.

Aishwarya Rai is currently enjoying playing dutiful mother to her little baby. Abhishek Bachchan said that Ash will return to films as and when she feels.

Post the child birth, Aishwarya confined to home. She is only seen in special events. She has put on weight and in no mood to return to acting so soon. She has not signed any new projects though offered kept flowing to her. She is taking her time to think, sign any new project.