Aishwarya had severe labour pain, says Big B

Aishwarya delivered a cute little baby girl on November 16. The former beauty queen chose normal delivery to give birth to her first baby. The family said Ash to go for caesarean but Ash was determined to go for normal delivery. Aishwarya had a sever labour pain for 2-3 hours but she avoided pain killers.  She and the baby are doing fine and they were discharged from hospital yesterday.

Revealing what Ash had gone through, Amitabh Bachchan said, “She delivered her first baby last Wednesday morning, 16th November. Before this, she had lot of labour pain for 2-3 hours. We could not see her suffering and we wanted her to go for caesarean. But she was determined to have normal delivery.”

When asked about the name of the baby, Amitabh said, “We have just welcomed Mahalakshmi (the newborn baby) and we have not decided about her name yet.” Meanwhile, Big B added, "We have received overwhelming love and support from the people and media across the country. We thank all them for the courtesy towards our family.”