Aishwarya flaunts her slim and trim figure

It was nearly a year ago when Aishwarya Rai Bachchan shocked people with her baby fat. No more the beauty queen the world had riveted their eyes on, Aishwarya looked heavy and, well, fat! Now, a year later, with a fashion photo shoot and her appearance at L’Oreal’s kajal launch, Aishwarya shows the world how to handle the right things the right way. At the launch, Aishwarya cut a slim and trim figure. Sporting a Dolce & Gabbana strapless gown, with a belt to match and a blazer to dignify the occasion, Aishwarya has managed to silence her critics. She has taken her time. With baby, Aradhya almost a year old, Aishwarya has resumed her professional life and has shed all her accumulated fat for the same. Post childbirth, Aishwarya had been seen on many occasions, taking care to conceal her fat with heavy clothes, covered and flowy dresses and lots of embroidery.

At the launch, Aishwarya looked confident and radiant as she opted for a simple yet formal glam look. Doing her eyes in a smoky-eyed look and lining them with kajal, eyeliner and mascara to keep with the theme, she has succeeded in silencing everyone who had dared to question her looks and decisions regarding them.  

Aishwarya appeared on the L’Oreal platform as the ambassador for the company, to promote the Kajal Magique, a product floated by L’Oreal. About the product, she said, ‘Eyes are the windows to the soul and Kajal Magique from L’Oreal Paris is the perfect way to highlight them. Every woman has that one particular make-up product that she holds closest to her heart and trusts it the most to make her look beautiful at any time. For me, that one product is kajal.’

After embracing motherhood, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan had drawn flak from critics for her post-baby fat and how she refused to shed it just for popularity, as she maintained. She had said that motherhood was what was special to her and it did not matter how she looked.  She wanted to focus on family and rearing her daughter, Aradhya instead of spending the time hitting the gym to lose the pounds to look good. This had evoked mixed reactions from the public, her fans and critics. While some applauded her gesture of putting motherhood first, others said it was a bad move as she was in the world of modelling and cinema and her decision shed a bad light on it.