Aishwarya celebrates her dad’s birthday in style

November is a busy month for the former Miss World, model turned actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. She had been busy during the first part of the month planning the birthday bash for her little princess Aaradhya. No efforts were spared to make the third birthday of the most celebrated kid of Bollywood highly special. Now, it is time to celebrate the birthday of her dad Krishnaraj Rai.

Aishwarya celebrated the birthday of her father in style. This was the 76th birthday of Mr. Rai. Coincidentally, this is also the day when Aishwarya won the title of Miss World twenty years ago. To mark this joyful day, Aishwarya announced one hundred surgeries for children in a city hospital in Mumbai. The surgeries will be gifted to one hundred children suffering from the problems of cleft lip and palate.

The Aishwarya Rai foundation will bear the cost of these operations. This charity is actually managed by father Krishnaraj Rai himself. The surgeries will be performed in cooperation with the Smile train. This is the largest charitable effort in the world regarding cleft lip and palate. Aishwarya is the goodwill ambassador of Smile Train. She visited the Godrej Memorial hospital in Mumbai to make this announcement. This charitable move is a beautiful celebration of three memorable events in the life of the actress. These are her father’s birthday, the day of her crowning as the Miss World as well as her daughter’s third birthday which was celebrated just a few days ago.

The spokesperson of Aishwarya was quoted saying, "Aishwarya has pledged her support by sponsoring surgeries of 100 children with cleft to mark the 20th anniversary of her winning the Miss World pageant and it's also the eve of her father's 76th birthday."

In the event organized at the hospital, Aishwarya said, “A smile is incomplete without a heart that is warmed by it. Find that smile… within you and spread it, beyond you… it’s the most special experience in life.”

Aishwarya along with her husband Abhishek Bachchan dropped in for a surprise visit to her father. Abhishek celebrated the occasion by taking a selfie with his wife, father in law and mother in law and posted it on the internet. Abhishek posted the picture and tweeted, “Happy Birthday Rockstar!! #Coolest #FatherInLaw #Birthday”. It was nice to see junior Bachchan spending some quality time with his in laws.