Aishwarya calls Vivek immature

Aishwarya, Vivek and Salman's love triangle was one story which media had cooked very relishly at a particular time. But their infamous story of love and betrayal was once again lifted up during Farah Khan’s chat show, ‘Tere Mere Beech Mein’ where Vivek opened his heart about what went wrong between them and how his professional life came to a doom.

Vivek spoke at length how his entangled with Aishwarya Rai spoiled his career and ruined his life. He said the entire episode of making a press conference and accusing Salman Khan of threatening him has made him a laughing stock in the industry.  Filmmakers stopped coming to him and he was even asked to return the signing amount.

He added that due to the infamous spat, he has lost his friends and well wishers and what hurts him immensely was Aishwarya Rai’s reaction after the infamous press conference. Instead of feeling grateful to him, Ash called his act as immature.

Vivek quipped that he had done everything for her and instead of feeling grateful, he called her immature.

Not only on personal front but on professional front also Vivek suffered a huge loss. He was chosen for film ‘Company’ at an award function and later he was asked not to attend the function and the award was given to someone else.  He even panic that he had lost a good friend like Sohail Khan who assured him to sort out the things between Salman and him but till date Sohail did not talk to him.