Aishwarya breaks silence about Aaradhya and her comeback

It was a long time since the Bollywood beauty Aishwarya Rai Bachchan made a public appearance. Well she did make up for the lost time and made a grand appearance as the Shillong choir played the popular song ‘Pretty woman’. She was in Delhi as the brand ambassador of the international watch maker Longines, which is celebrating its one hundred and eighty years of foundation.

A slim and gorgeous Aishwarya won the admiration of the gathered crowd. She was wearing a Dolce & Gabbana short jacket over her beautiful black gown. It seems the former miss world is all set to return to the silver screen.

Aishwarya was in a jovial mood and answered the questions. Speaking about the value of time in her life she said it is the biggest luxury for her. The busy schedule of an actress and now being a full time mother, time must really be scarce. However, Aishwarya stated that she is happy to be able to beside her baby all the time and nothing would have given her more pleasure than that.

Speaking about the public appearance of Aaradhya she said that it was not a conscious decision to hide her away from the media eye but it was a natural instinct to protect the baby from the camera flashes and all the hum drum that were disturbing her.  She doesn’t plan to keep the baby away from the media always. She clearly stated, "I realized this would happen and expected it, and I don't mean it in a bad way but there are people in my life like my parents who aren't used to it. And with my baby with me, it's instinctive. If I see her getting startled or her eyes opening I protect her. It's not intentional that I want to keep her away."

Aishwarya had gained lot of weight after her delivery and was under continuous media glare for this. Speaking on the issue, she clarified "It's never been an issue with me. Rather I have moms coming up to me and thanking me, saying that you are just like us. If my weight was an issue I would be under cover."

We couldn’t agree with her more, as she sat there looking as stunning as ever. The natural question that came to mind next was when she is returning back to the big screen? Answering this she said, "Soon. I am finally reading scripts. There are several offers but am slowly getting around to reading scripts now."

We sure hope that the diva returns to the silver screen and keep her fans asking for more.