Aishwarya arrives at Seven Hills Hospital

Excitement reached peak point when Aishwarya Rai Bachchan arrived at Mumbai Seven Hills hospital last night. Those who have noticed her thought that the diva might have come for admission but speculation turned to be wrong when Aishwarya after spending sometime in the hospital walked out.

When inquired, it was found that the Bachchan Bahurani has not come to get admit but just came for a routine check up.  After spending an hour, she left the hospital. Everthing was normal at the hospital premises and nothing unusual activity was noticed.

11.11.11 is considered an auspicious day for any new born as this turn comes one in a hundred year and astrologer also predicted the day very favorable for any new born.

Aishwarya’s coming baby is on huge demand. Bookies bet Rs 150 crore on her baby's birth date.