Aishwarya Abhishek Love Story comes to an end?

After a whirlwind romance and insiders predicting marriage, it’s now finally the end of the Ash-Abhishek romance saga according to reports doing the round. The Ash-Abhi relationship, which was under tremendous media and public scrutiny, has finally crumbled. The reason according to sources is Aishwarya’s astrological sign, which was not conducive to Abhishekh’s career.
According to sources “Abhishekh’s career has just taken off, and Ash is a ‘manglik’ (influence of planet Mars in her astrological chart). The presence of this ‘mangal’ in her chart predicts a doom for her spouse.” The sources also say “The Bachchans are very superstitious people and Amitabh Bachchan was always against the relation, even though Jaya Bachchan had only consented for her son’s happiness.” The Bachchan’s had accepted Ash, but simply wanted her family to perform a ‘havan’ (pooja/prayer to God for special favours), at first Ash’s family had agreed, but later on changed their minds. Ash’s brother does not believe in astrology, so he advised her against it. Rumours claim this to be the main reason why the couple has split.

However, whether the couple will let their families decide their fate or make their personal decisions remains to be seen. However it is a well-known fact that Abhishek always pays heed to his parents advice and never goes against their wishes. So whether Abhishek disregards his parent’s wishes for his ladylove remains to be seen. Everything was fine for a little while with the Ash-Abhi jodi, but later on the cracks began to show. Ash was even talking about marriage with Abhi, to friends. But she had made it quite clear that she had no intentions of giving up her career to start a family.

Sources also mention that Jaya Bachchan had told friends that if the couple were to ever marry, they would not live in 'Jalsa', along with the family. This would eventually lead to a strained relation between Ash and Abhi as he is extremely close to his family and depends a lot on them for guidance and support. A section of the media claims the split is yet another publicity stunt to draw attention to the actors and another section of the media says this is a fitting end to a fictitious relationship that never existed in the first place.

Well, will we ever be able to find out!!!!