Check Out: Aishwariya Rai's beauty is breathtaking

Aishwariya Rai Bachchan is definitely one of the most seductive faces in Bollywood. Since her pregnancy and the birth of her daughter Aradhya, she has not yet returned to the silver screen. In fact, a few rumors surfaced that she had gained weight after the birth of her child. However, since then, photos of the Bollywood diva have come out and she looks as magnificent as ever. Some of her recent photographs of the photo shoot in Dubai has been published in fan pages and Facebook pages and the actress still looks marvelous. Styling simplicity and flair, Aishwariya Rai Bachchan is the embodiment of the essence of youth and beauty.

The actress has been searching for the best scripts to make her comeback to Bollywood after her brief hiatus, but no official confirmation of any script has yet been given. She has begun to appear in a few commercials however. She was roped in to play the brand ambassador of a realty group who organized the photo shoot in Dubai. One of her snaps was taken as she sits in the well designed garden area. The clarity and sublime beauty remains strong and the actress will surely stun her ardent fans with many more heart stirring roles when she decides on a script.

For one of her photos, the former Miss World had worn a strapless gown with floral motif while her hair remained side swept. The outfit that could look innocuous by itself brought out the beauty and the glory of the actress. The effect is even stronger in another snap where she styles a one shoulder gown and sports a nude makeup. Truly, her eyes say a thousand words and we cannot wait to see them portraying the vast variety of emotions when the actress does decide on a script. But it is her picture in the deep rich burgundy gown which truly reveals why she is the darling not only of India but the World. With her ethereal figure and timeless beauty, it is no wonder why Hollywood has not been backward in roping her in for various projects.

The stunning looks of Aishwariya were discovered quite early. In fact, she appeared in a commercial when she was in ninth grade while it is her Pepsi ad which brought her to the limelight. She continues to mesmerize the admiring public even after her marriage and the birth of her daughter.