AIB’s meme on ‘Bulleya’ song deleted and Karan Johar isn’t the reason

The song ‘Bulleya’ from Karan Johar’s directorial ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’, composed by Pritam, has been criticized a lot on social media for allegedly copying the opening guitar riff from Papa Roach's hit song 'Last Resort’.

Well-known comedy group All India Bakchod (AIB)(AIB) also took a dig on the matter by posting a meme about Pritam cutting and pasting the opening riff of ‘Bulleya’ from ‘Last Resort’. They posted the meme on their Twitter handle on September 19.

But the next day, the meme was taken off, and social media users thought director Karan Johar was behind this, and blamed him for ‘censoring AIB.  Even Ajay Devgn, whose film ‘Shivaay’ is set to clash with ‘ADHM’, was also held liable for running a ‘paid trend’, given their recent controversy about Kamal Rashid Khan being paid for promoting ‘ADHM’.

Twitter was flooded with criticisms against Karan and Ajay as well. The hashtag #AIBCensored had also been trending.

Here are some of the tweets:


“LOL Ajay Devgn's team from "Shivaay" is pushing the paid-trend #AIBCensored to counter Karan Johar. Beneficiary is AIB :D”

“This is indeed a greatest shocking twist in freedom of xpression #AIBCENSORED @AllIndiaBakchod @KaranJohar”

“Omg! This is so true.. Power goes over truth..RIP freedom of expression. #AIBCENSORED”

However, it turned out that twitteratis were wrong in blaming Karan. AIB member Tanmay Bhatt revealed to Buzzfeed that it was an old joke and hence the meme was deleted.

“We have a social media person who’s responsible for making jokes. Every now and then, he accidentally makes a joke which has either been done by others before us, or that we’re repeating. It’s not intentional but it happens sometimes, if you’re making 20 jokes a day. Someone pointed out to my social media manager that this joke had been made before, so we took it down. Today, I was napping after a long day of work. I woke up to see that I’ve been censored by Karan Johar, which… Isn’t true.

“We’ve said worse things about Karan Johar, TO Karan Johar’s face and he didn’t censor us. Why would he do it for a meme? I don’t know anything about anyone paying anyone to trend this. But if anyone is being paid, I would like to be paid a little also, thank you,” he was quoted as saying.