AIB Roast: Sonakshi Sinha, Mahesh Bhatt's twitter fight goes viral

The controversial show on Youtube AIB Knockout has turned friends into foes. Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha indulged into twitter fight with ace filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt over AIB Roast has gone viral. Bhatt expressed his dissatisfaction for having Alia's name including 14 others, excluding Sonakshi Sinha who was also part of the show.

Mahesh Bhatt is little disappointed as how FIR has been lodged against his daughter and few other but left Sonakshi Sinha who was also part of the show. Bhatt urged that being the daughter of an influential politician, Shatughan Sinha, Sonakshi was left out. The ‘Dabangg’ girl back fires at Mahesh Bhatt for such comment.

The filmmaker said, "Alia was a participant and also subjected to the humour. The FIR names Deepika Padukone and Alia among the participants. Why not the other 3,998 attendees of the show? More importantly, if it names celebrities in the audience, why not Sonakshi Sinha?"

Once Sonakshi read out Bhatt’s comment, she responded back with series of tweet, slamming the filmmaker.

She tweeted that couple of times, FIR was filed against her without any prime reason but Alia was left out#Dear [email protected]MaheshNBhatt, a couple of pointless FIR's have been filed before this (delhi and kol if im not mistaken, in which my name was (1/4)

She also tweeted#Mentioned and Alia's wasnt. I don't remember my father questioning them as to how or why so. I do agree with u however, if these FIR's (2/4)

However, the actress also agreed with Bhatt that only 2-3 people from the audience of 4,000 are targeted which is not justified. 

Sona further tweeted#Are filed on 2-3 members of the audience, why not the other 3,998. Lets not give these ppl the attention they so desperately seek, (3/4).

Sonakshi tweets that nobody goes to jail for laughing #And as far as my memeory serves me, nobody EVER went to jail for laughing. (4/4)

Bhatt later replied to Sona's tweets, seemingly impressed with the actress's maturity. 

@sonakshisinha TRUE! I could not agree with you more. Thank you for your SANE response. Amazed by your maturity at this tender age. Love

Mahesh Bhatt earlier tweeted how silly things are drag to court and major issues get sidelined.

No one talks about the PIL admited i Bombay High Court seeking guidelines for the safety of the workers of the film industry.

There r some things that are in the INTEREST of the nation and some which interest the nation. AIB manufactured drama is the latter.