AIB Knockout: Ranveer and Arjun gets grilled with rudest jokes

AIB is one of a kind comedy show in India and has added a fresh dimension to Indian comedies. Till September last year, the AIB stand-up comedians had posted about 52 videos on YouTube and gained immense popularity with a whopping 45 million views. It seems that this massive popularity is rapidly growing.

On 28th January, AIB lovers were elated upon seeing AIB Knockout on YouTube. The hilarious video features the ‘Gunday’ stars Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh. These B-town hunks were made fun of, by comedians Ashish Shakya, Rohan Joshi, Tanmay Bhatt and G Khamba. Karan Johar played the roastmaster in the show.

Among the audience, the special ones were Ranveer Singh’s lady love Deepika Padukone and of course Arjun Kapoor’s rumored girl friend Sonakshi Sinha. Other than these, personalities like Alia Bhatt were also seen. Karan Johar started the show on a humorous note, “Let the filth begin.” And this statement was very apt.

There was no aspect of the two actors’ lives- especially embarrassing ones- that the comedians left untouched. No matter how much insult the actors had to suffer, the aim of comedians was just to make sure that the audience was in ROFL mood throughout the show. The comedians dived into all sorts of episodes of the actors’ lives. The jokes knew no shame- from the dirty toilet jokes to sex lives.

The jokes were truly insulting and hilarious at the same time. If such crude jokes are present, it is obvious that the comedians will take a dig at the failure that the actors’ had to suffer in their career; and they did! As the comedians bombarded them with arrows of the most outrageous insults, the poor actors could do nothing but grin and bear it all.

But it is not just these two gentlemen who were insulted. The comedians made it a point to make fun of everyone who was present. They didn’t spare Deepika Paduakone and even the host Karan Johar. They too had to suffer their own mockery for the good of the show.

To add to the fun, the comedians made fun of themselves too! The AIB Knockout videos hit YouTube on Wednesday night. The show is so much fun-packed, that it is gathering insanely high number of views. It was no more than 12 hours of release that the first part of the show gathered more than 4 lakh views. As for the second and third part, they have been viewed by over 2 lakh people till now.