AIB Knockout grilled Deepika, Sonakshi and Alia, face insult

What Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh did at ‘AIB Knockout’ was simply bold. Though the actors didn’t exactly do anything, both the macho men had enough to bear. The stand up comedians Ashish Shakya, Tanmay Bhatt, Rohan Joshi and G Khamba did their best to make the viewers roar with laughter. The two actors were the chief ones being insulted, while the others were fully enjoying- until came their turn!

Deepika was among the audience, witnessing the insult of her boyfriend Ranveer Singh. Yet another lady love was Arjun Kapoor’s rumoured girlfriend Sonakshi Sinha who was also present at the event. The bubbly actress Alia Bhatt was also present.

Deepika did a really big mistake sitting in the front row. Seated right in the front, she was the easiest target of the comedians. It was obvious that they would dive into her personal life, and they did! Rohan Joshi remarked, “We wanted to get Ranbir but could manage only Ranveer – which is also what Deepika did.” If the audience didn’t find this amusing enough, Karan Johar had something more to make her blush, “The last good thing Ranveer was in was Deepika Padukone.”

Then came Sonakshi’s turn to bear it all. She was asked, “Why was Lootera based on the Last Leaf?” The kings of laughter had an interesting answer to give, “Sonakshi ate the rest of the leaves!” If this wasn’t enough, they further said, “We are kidding, Sonakshi doesn’t eat salads”. But the best one was still to come- “Sonakshi and Arjun are dating guys. But hey, you can’t be dating her”. Again, the comedians had a short and hilarious reply – “You can’t have carbs Arjun.”

When it was Alia’s turn, it was obvious that she would be praised for her outstanding GK. She herself had earlier told, “Log Alia Bhatt hot pics ke jagah Alia Bhatt jokes Google karne ke lage”. The one that garnered the loudest cheers was, “Alia does not even know what ISIS is. And it’s not the ISI mark you find in your home appliances.”

Though Sonam Kapoor wasn’t present, Sanjay Kapoor was there to bear the insult on her behalf, “It takes a special person to be the least talented person in a family that has Sonam and Sanjay Kapoor.” Another joke targeted on Kapoor khandan was the one made by Karan Johar. Talking to Arjun Kapoor, he said, “In 2 States, you play a Punjabi guy who falls for a hot South Indian girl. Basically you played Boney Kapoor.”