AIB Knockout: Aamir Khan slams Kjo, Arjun, Ranveer

Perfectionist Aamir Khan is totally against the AIB Knockout. He slammed the show along with the participants like Karan Johar, Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh.

During a media conference, when Aamir Khan was asked to opine about AIB Roast, he clarified that, “First off, I want to clarify that I haven’t watched the show, I have only seen a couple of clips of the Roast till now. I heard more about what the show was when Karan (Johar) and Arjun (Kapoor) told me about what transpired there along with a few dialogues. On hearing what they had to share, I must say that I was deeply affected and disappointed with it.”

Further clarifying that he was not against the freedom of speech being curtailed, Aamir Khan stated, “I am completely for freedom of speech, I have no issues with that. But we have to understand that we all have a certain responsibility.”

Aamir Khan further clarifies as why he is against the show, “When I heard what was said, I felt that it was a very violent event, as violence is not just physical but also verbal and emotional. So when you insult someone and show it to the world, it is like showing everyone see how violent I can be, this is something that I don’t like. But I am sure that there are a lot of young people who have liked the show and I believe that all of us have different opinions and we are allowed to have it. As for my views, I felt that the show was violent. And both Karan and Arjun being my friends, I told them that I didn’t like it. Besides trying to impress people by using abusive language is pointless. I am no longer 14 year old who will hear abusive language and laugh. If you really want me to laugh then do so without hurting anyone. That is what I will enjoy.”

Aamir clarified that he likes jokes, but only when they are not insulting someone else. "If it was a joke intended to make people laugh, then you should crack a joke which won't hurt anyone. Making a joke of someone's skin colour and someone's sexuality and expecting me to laugh at it, is something I don't appreciate. I personally have a problem with what they have done therefore I have not seen the show", he continued, questioning the responsibilities of the people involved with the show. "What is the responsibility of a creative person? I am not talking about AIB. I am talking about Karan, Arjun and all the other actors who were present there. I don't have any right to control their acts but as a creative person myself, I look at bringing out the goodness in people which won't happen if I use violence as the key element".

Immediate backlash against the AIB is not something he approves of. "The onslaught is a different thing to be discussed altogether. If they have broken the law in any way, then the thing is different. FIR has been lodged but it needs to proved- have they broken the law or have they not broken the law! If they've broken a law, they should face the consequences like you and me. The law is same for everyone. But if they haven't broken the law, they have every right to go around scott free. The courts, the lawyers will decide that. I believe the law should take its course", Aamir said.