AIB Knockout: Aamir becomes butt of jokes on Twitter

Aamir Khan expressed his opinion about the controversial show AIB Knockout hosted by Karan Johar, Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh and he out and out slammed the show calling the content of the show an expression of verbal violence.

When the perfectionist were asked about the show, he replied, "Karan and Arjun are both my friends and I scolded them both saying that I didn't find it funny. If you think 25 abuses can impress me, then you are wrong. I am not 14 anymore, abusive language doesn't excite me. If you can make me laugh without hurting anyone, that I will appreciate. I don't think jokes about one's colour of skin or one's sexuality are funny at all," said Aamir.

On the other hand, the actor has defended DK Bose song from his movie ‘Delhi Belly’ which he produced in 2011 by saying: “I have already informed my audiences that it is an adult film. Please do not go with your kids and those who have a problem with this kind of language shouldn't come either. I try my best to inform the audiences before-hand. Then they can decide themselves. If the audience is adult, they can decide themselves. So from my end I do all these things for my fans."

But Khan’s personal opinion was taken in a good taste by the twitteratis and a certain section of society slammed the actor also calling him a 'hypocrite'. Aamir is now facing the heat of the twitteratis.

Here’s how the twitteratis are reacting to Aamir’s opinion about the AIB Roast:

• Poonam Gill [email protected]: @_DeepaBhatia @aamir_khan love aamir but this is double standards... Dk Bose...short term memory loss gajani?
• sumit [email protected]: Aamir khan called AIB Roast a shameful act ! Yes Aamir , How could we forget that Delhi Belly was a spiritual Family movie ! #SlowClap !
• Maitreyee Manglurkar [email protected]: OMG! @aamir_khan called the #AIBknockout VIOLENT Ahahahahahahahahahahaha! Good marketing for #SatyamevJayate I guess!
• Damini Naik [email protected]: Bhaag bhaag DK Bose was such a Sankaari song. :)
• iPhoneboy [email protected]_me: Aamir Khan is offended by AIB roast.. DK bose was a sober song right???
• Damini Naik [email protected]: [email protected]_khan! Heard you didn't like the #AIBRoast Now tell us, what was DelhiBelly? Romcom?
• Name [email protected]___hole: @aamir_khan offended by the vulgarity in AIB roast and not by DK Bose in Delhi Belly?Stick to your TV show. At least not a hypocrite there.
• Real Zaid Hamid [email protected]_: Aamir Khan is hurt by verbal violence in #AIBRoast. Any gaali other than Bose D K is unacceptable to him.
• Bawa ??????? [email protected]: Aamir Khan is offended by AIB roast and not Imran Khan's acting. Shocking..#AIBKnockout
• Virtual Engineer [email protected]: Aamir khan should again watch Mela and decide for himself what is violent.
Aishwarya Iyer [email protected]_aice: Aamir Khan produces Delhi Belly and tells the world to chill about the offensive words used. But AIB is violent. "PK ho?"
• Phani [email protected]: AIB Roast was shameful says Aamir Khan, whose production Delhi Belly's song Bhaag DK Bose was about India's sanskaar
• Wallflower [email protected]_ish: Aamir Khan can produce a movie like Delhi Belly, but he has a problem with #AIBKnockout ? Lol ! So much of hypocrisy .
• Divya [email protected]_Chug: Wow. And who would've thought that Aamir Khan (read: Mr. all-about-mature-cinema) would not be mature enough to handle #AIBRoast?
• Nawab of Goa [email protected]: Aamir khan the guy who manages a U/A certificate for Ghajini the most violent movie if that year says AIB roast was violent ?? Hypocrisy