After ugly divorce, Deepshikha Nagpal reunites with Kaishav Arora

After an ugly divorce in February this year, Deepshikha Nagpal again got back to her estranged husband Kaishav Arora. Since Diwali they are living together. The divorced couple wanted to give their marriage a second chance. They wanted to buried the past hatchet  and move forward together. They feel that they are 'karmically connected' and cannot live without each other.

Kaishav has moved in with Deepshikha. A source informs, "Despite an ugly divorce, they have realised that they can't stay away from each other. But, the two are keeping their current relationship status under wraps as they don't want people to cast aspersion on them. One of the main reasons for trouble in their relationship is their different personalities. While Deepshikha is straightforward, Kaishav is reserved. He feels that every relationship goes through ups and downs and it shouldn't be exposed to the public."

When probbed, Deepshikha was initially reluctant to talk about the recent development. But on repeated prodding, she confirmed, "Yes, we are back together." Explaining what made her change her stance, she said, "I realised I love him beyond anything. All marriages go through a rocky patch. Unfortunately, instead of helping us, some friends added fuel to the fire. But I don't blame them; the time was bad. When we met after eight months of separation, we wondered why we split in the first place. I cannot love anyone else than Kaishav; everything else ceases to matter when we are together. Now, we don't want to discuss our past anymore. For a successful marriage, one has to respect each other's space. I want to and have already started life afresh."

Even after legal separation, Deepshikha has filed domestic violence case against her ex-husband at Bangur Nagar police station, Mumbai in March. As per the report, despite separated legally Keshav often visits her place for money.