After Schwarzenegger, is Sylvester Stallone coming for ‘I’ event

Filmmaker Shankar and the producer of his magnum opus film ‘I’, Aascar Ravichandran is pulling out all stops to make the release of the film a spectacular event. For the film’s music release in Chennai, they brought in Hollywood legend Arnold Schwarzenegger recently.  Now latest reports suggest that for the Hindi music launch of the film, they have roped in Arnold’s contemporary and another Hollywood megastar Sylvester Stallone.

If Stallone indeed launches the Hindi music of ‘I’, this will be the greatest music launch in the history of Indian cinema and it will be very difficult to surpass. ‘I’ features Tamil superstar Vikram who plays a bodybuilder in the film. Co-incidentally both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone were held in awe by fans for their chiseled physique. Arnold and Stallone are not just contemporaries, but once were bitter rivals during their prime as film stars.

Only recently in August, Stallone had described to the media the nature of their rivalry. He had said, "There were times when we could not even be in the same room. I was always like `Oh it`s him`. Arnold was like someone you wanted to strangle every day, like in the morning and at night. We were so competitive. He was Mr Olympia. We came along at the same time, of course I was first but he was bigger."  But in recent years the two Hollywood icons have buried the hatchet and appeared together in the ‘Expendables’ film franchise.

Arnold’s Chennai visit on the occasion of ‘I’ music launch was very successful as the star heaped praise on Shankar and the organizers of the event. In a letter to Aascar Ravichandran, he wrote “From the incredible hotel to the delicious food, the visit was perfect. But the icing on the cake was the event. I have been to the Oscars, and the Golden Globes, and every event you can imagine. Let me tell you something - they could all learn from how you stage a production” He further wrote, "The whole event flowed perfectly, and the energy there could have powered all of India. The bodybuilders were a fantastic touch and made everything organic. I couldn't help but take the stage after that performance, because I knew it was the perfect time.”

Arnold had also told the reporters that he would love to work with Shankar. He had said, "Shankar is a great filmmaker. He comes up with superb special effects in his films. I would love to work with him someday. Let's make 'King Conan', Shankar." Apart from Vikram, ‘I’ also stars Amy Jackson and Upen Patel.