After refusing Salman, Katrina now declines marriage to Ranbir

News is doing all the rounds that the ‘Dhoom 3’ actress Katrina Kaif has said no to Ranbir Kapoor’s marriage proposal. Ranbir who is on a vacation with ladylove Kat popped the question to the diva but she straightway refused as Kat now wants to focus on her growing career and not keen to settle down at this stage.

Salman Khan who shaped Katrina Kaif’s career had a fall out with the actress on this particular issue. Sallu, 48, keen to settle down with Katrina but the actress refused the hunk as she feels marriage at the peak of her career might end up her shining career. Salman Khan’s family desperately wanted him to get married with her and the superstar too was interested to exchange wedding vows but destiny had stored something else for them. It is heard Sallu and Kat part ways on marriage question.

Ranbir Kapoor once said in an interview that he had set 28 as cut off age for marriage and if we think his way then the hunk had already crossed the age he has set for marriage.

Till date, Katrina and Ranbir maintained a dignified silence on their relationship but their Ibiza holiday picture confirmed their relationship. The duo is tight-lipped about their love affair.  

Katrina and Rabir’s marriage rumor grew stronger when the actor’s cousin sister and actress Kareena Kapoor said that she wished to dance on hit numbers of Kat on her brother’s wedding and strengthen the affair when she addressed Katrina as her sister-in-law.

Katrina and Ranbir are spotted together in various occasions. Grapevine buzzed that the couple was engaged but Katrina denied the news saying she is not engaged and she is not keen to take any such step for the next few years.

When asked about her relationship with Ranbir, Katrina told, "I've never commented on my personal life. Whoever it's been about, I have never said anything I don't think I will change ever until the time I am getting married or am engaged to somebody. Since I am not engaged right now nor has anyone asked me what is more important to me - my work or my personal life - I think there's little point in talking about it."

When Kat was asked to remark on Kareena’s statement, she laughs, “Whenever and whoever I get married to, I’d love to have Kareena dance at my wedding. She is a wonderful dancer…anyone from the industry would be welcome to shake a leg”.

When Kat was asked Kareena to comment about referring her as sister-in-law, she said, “I haven’t seen the episode. Kareena is a superb person, but a lot of stuff (on Karan Johar’s show) is said in jest. So, they are not to be taken very seriously”.

Katrina Kaif said she has not any plans to get hitched for another 20-30 years. She will be next seen in ‘Jagga Jasoos’ opposite Ranbir. “While working with Ranbir, at times, I feel like I’ve gone five years back, to the sets of Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahaani (2009). On the sets, he is extremely focused. What’s fascinating about him is that he mingles and is pally with everyone — be it the spot boy, make-up dada or assistant directors”.