After Preity Zinta, Abhishek Bachchan lashes out at Jet airways

After Preity Zinta, Abhishek Bachchan vented his anger at Jet Airways for delay in flying due to non-availability of pilots. Jr Bachchan boarded the flight to fly to Chennai.

"Flying to Chennai. Baggage, check. Board flight on time, check. Seat belt fastened, check. Only thing we need now are our pilots!!," Junior Bachchan said in one of his tweets after his flight failed to depart on time.

"Well done Jet Airways!!! Entire plane boarded without any pilots on board. Still waiting and hoping...," he further tweeted.

Abhishek Bachchan boarded 10.30 am Jet Airways flight 9W-485 for Chennai but it got one-and-a-half hour delay as the airline did not have pilot to fly the plane and took off around 11:50 am.

Abhishek Bachchan in a series of tweets slammed the airline.

"Question - if an airline is delayed, do we as passengers have the option to get off, like how passengers are off loaded if they are late?," junior Bachchan said in another tweet.

"Hey @jetairways just to let you know that the entire aircraft is still waiting for you'll to get in touch. Also,what is operational reasons?," he said in another tweet.

"Our prayers have been answered.... We are moving! Haven't taken off yet so.... Fingers crossed," he tweeted after the push back.

"Touchdown Chennai!!!!........ FINALLY," the Junior Bachchan tweeted after his flight landed in Chennai.

Couple of days back, Preity Zinta also lashes out at Jet Airways for missing her flight to Delhi due to delay in the fly of Jet Airways. Preity Zinta took to Twitter to slam Jet Airways airline.

In a series of tweets, Preity vented her anger and fustration.

#JetAirways makesU wait4 1.5hours in the lounge as they are delayed then off load U cuz their staff forgets to tell u in time they R boarding

#Thank You #JetAirways 4always being late, 4making me miss my flight today & making ur strongest supporter never wanting to fly with U again