After ex-hubby’s wedding, Karisma Kapoor all set to tie the knot

Post divorce, both Karisma Kapoor and her ex-husband Sunjay Kapur moved on in life. Sunjay’s marriage to his long time girlfriend Priya Sachdevis soon followed by the news of Karisma Kapoor all set to tie the knot with Sandeep Toshniwal. The man barrier in Karisma and Sandeep’s nuptial was the latter’s estranged wife Dr Ashrita, who over these period was not ready to divorce her husband. But according to the latest report, Dr Ashrita has initiated the preliminary proceedings of divorce and very soon Sandeep would be a free man.

Initially, Ashrita was not ready to divorce Sandeep Toshniwal but now she has made up her mind to leave Sandeep legally. Her friends convinced her that there is no point holding her husband when both of them are not in a happy space and never get back together. It’s better to set him free and both live life on their terms. Her friends further asked Ashrita if she continues to fight with Sandeep then she would end up losing what being offered to her now. It is better to divorce Sandeep and let him go his way.

Sandeep and Ashrita initiated the divorce process and the alimony has also been settled. Ashrita will get is Rs 2 Cr, both the daughters (11 yrs and 6 yrs each) wil get 3 Cr each in lump sum. While the mother will get the custody of the children. Sandeep will get visitation rights but it is the number of days are yet to be decided.

Ashrita’s initially demanded Rs 8 lakh per month, custody of the children and in addition, she wants the ownership of the Delhi flat in which she is currently residing at. But finally Ashrita agreed upon an alimony of 8 crore.

Earlier, Sandeep’s lawyer Toban Irani had told that the reason Sandeep wanted a divorce was not Karisma but because Ashrita is mentally unstable and gets aggressive. He said, “Dr Ashrita is suffering from a psychological disorder where she feels that people are doing something to her, and she even tends to get aggressive. We have doctor certificates on that, she did not take treatment when the same was detected. This made it difficult for (my client) Toshniwal to continue his marriage with her.”

Well, Karisma and Sandeep heaved a sigh of relief because Ashrita was a big hindrance in the way of their marriage and now we can soon hear wedding bells ringing.

Sandeep is also the choice of the Kapoor and he was spotted at many family events of the Kapoor family.