After Delhi reception, Priyanka, Nick flies off to Mumbai

On Thursday night, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas were spotted at Delhi airport. The couple was flying off to Mumbai. The couple stayed in Delhi for three days, where they also hosted a wedding reception on Tuesday and last evening, they attended the launch party of dating app Bumble in the national capital.

At the launch party of Bumble dating app, PeeCee looked stunning in a a nude two-piece dress with a golden belt and matching stilettos. Her red and white combination chooda, mangalsutra and sindoor added to her beauty and persona. While Nick looked dapper in a grey suit and held the hand of his life partner.

On launching the dating app Bumble, Priyanka calls herself a "tech fan" who loves doing things "out of the box", Priyanka said that she thought that the app would be an "incredible platform" for women.

In her interview to NDTV, Priyanka Chopra said,"I am a tech fan, I always loved technology. It's really taking the world to height and places and it is bringing the world closer and I think the young people need this opportunity to be able to monetise their ideas of the currency of today. I feel like tech lends itself for that... I like to do things out of the box a little. I was at a dinner for Bumble business because I just thought it was such an incredible platform which is a social network site for women... by women for everyone. It is such a unique thought. It gives women precedence, it gives their choices precedence and safety and it is for anyone who wants to be a part of the social network."

"When we were sitting at this Bumble business dinner I was seeing the presentation with everyone. I was sitting with Whitney and I told her, I don't know being a woman from India I think this would be a really great platform or it will be a really amazing thing for Indian women to have, their arsenal - which would give them a sense of empowerment because it is on their terms. It is basically choosing your life, the way you want to and being the best version of it - whether that is in love, whether that is in business, whether that is in your friendships or the kind of network you want around you and the people you want around you”, she said in an interview.