After boy, it's a baby girl for Mandira Bedi

Last year on July 17th, TV host and actress Mandira Bedi was blessed with a baby boy long years after her marriage. As their son Vir turns one this July, Mandira and her husband Raj Kaushal has taken a very noble decision. They are going to gift their son with a little sister on his birthday. Mandira and Raj has decided to adopt a girl child.

"We're going to adopt a baby girl," she gushes, excitedly. "We want Vir to have a little sister. We will be applying to an adoption agency when he turns one. It's a decision Raj and I made even before we got married - we were very clear that we wanted to adopt a girl. It takes a month to a year for paperwork and other things to come through. As we wanted a small age difference between both the kids, this is the perfect time. Guess I'm all set for the second one now," she says.

Vir came to their life almost 12 years after their marriage and it was Mandira who was delaying, "It's 'been twelve-and-a half years of marriage and the baby came into our lives after so long as I was delaying it," she informs, adding, "Now when I keep telling Raj that I just can't imagine how it would be without Vir, he wants to just beat me," she laughs. For now, she says her hands are full with her tot. "I have to be around him all the time and if I have to leave home for a few hours it becomes unbearable. Vir has given us a new reason for living," she says.

Mandira said that his son is going to teach her to have patience, "After a long day of being away from him I come back and realise how there's something new about him - a new face, pout or cry. And just yesterday Raj said the baby was going to teach me one thing I lacked - patience! I was so fiery around the house and Vir has made me calmer and mellower," she admits.