After a short break-up, Alia Bhatt-Sidharth rekindles love

After a brief lover’s tiff, Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra are back together as a couple. They not only attended Diwali bashes together but also bonded at Shahrukh Khan’s 52 birthday bash in Alibaug. What grabbed the eyeballs was the fact Alia slipped into Sidharth’s tee. It proved that the couple reunited and enjoying togetherness again.

It is highly buzzed that filmmaker and their mentor Karan Johar played peacemaker between the lovebirds. He made them sat together and sorted out their issues. He makes them believe that they were made for each other.

Sidharth’s growing intimacy with Jacqueline created hole in their relationship. Alia was irked with the actor’s closeness with his co-stars and it triggered their fights.   

Sidharth and Jacqueline have also shot an intimate scene in ‘A Gentleman’ and Alia was not too happy. She has also warned her beau to keep distance from his female co-star.

Well, a source informed earlier, “Alia and Sid are avoiding each other and are not even on talking terms now. Maybe with time, they will get back to being friends, but for now, they are maintaining a distance from each other. They were having a lot of fights in the recent times. Mutually, they decided it wasn’t working out and it was better to end it.”

 A source confirmed about Alia and Sid’s split, “Sidharth and Alia have split, and unlike previous instances, this time, it seems permanent. They will not get back together again.” Shocking, isn’t it?

Alia and Sidharth are thick lovers and the couple also expressed their feelings for one another in couple of occasions. They spotted together in events, vacations, dinner date etc. They also visited one another’s family and are quite friendly with their respective family members.

Well, it is nice to see Alia and Sidharth together again.