Advance booking of 'Vishwaroopam' in Tamil Nadu

Vishwaroopam’ is a well known film thanks to the media and all the controversies surrounding it. The flick is the brain child of veteran actor Kamal Haasan. He has written, produced and directed the movie. The 95 crore espionage flick is also one of the all time big budget movies of India. Based on the backdrop of terrorism, the film has an intriguing plot as well as superb visual effects to entertain the masses. ‘Vishwaroopam’ was all set to get released first in Tamil Nadu on 25th Jan 2013.

However, the Tamil Nadu government on a sudden unexpected move banned the movie on the day before its release. The reason for the ban was that the movie could harm the sentiments of the Muslim community. Kamal Haasan ran from post to pillar to protest against this decision. The hue and cry that followed against the decision of the ban was overwhelming. The media and the film fraternity fully supported the actor in his plight but the government didn’t budge. Finally Kamal Haasan spoke to the representatives of the Muslim community in the presence of TN home secretary and agreed to remove a few scenes so that the movie could be released in the state. At last the government conceded and the film is now set to release in Tamil Nadu on 7th of February 2013.

This will be the first time that the actor will see his film release in his home state after its worldwide and rest of India release. Ironically though, he had initially planned the movie to release first in his state. The two week delay in the release of the movie has financially cost him Rs. 30 to 80 crore.

However, it seems that all this hype and controversy around the movie has increased the public interest in it. The demand for the tickets in Tamil Nadu is huge. The multiplexes have already started booking for the tickets and the single screens will open advance booking from today. In Chennai the demands are huge as most of the bookings are getting done in bulk.

A source stated, "Fans of Kamal Hassan are flocking to theatres to book tickets and it is a festive time for all his fans in the state. Especially, the delay in the release has made them impatient and they can't wait to see their favorite star's film. Surely, Vishwaroopam will have the biggest opening in the recent times in Tamil Nadu."