Adorable pic: Aaradhya asleep in mom Aishwarya arms

Its late when Aishwarya Rai Bachchan landed at Mumbai airport and little Aaradhya fell asleep in Mommy Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s arms. Dressed in pink, Aaradhya looks very cute while Ash in pink kurta and minimal make-up holds her sleeping baby to her arms. The mother-daughter seemed colour-coordinated.

She arrived late night on Saturday from Delhi after completing her brand commitments in the capital. The actress headed to launch a new store for a line of watches that she endorses.

Despite being a true professional, Aishwarya is also a hands-on mom and she has proved this time and again. She has always stated that Aaradhya is her top-most priority.

“Being a mom tops my priority list. I am committed as an actor and it’s there for you to see.”

Aishwarya once said how she manages her mommy duty by keeping her professional duty in order, “I was very clear about my priorities. It was my daughter above anything else for me after she was born. Now that she is going to school and has friends, I could think of doing a film again. And I did. But it wasn’t easy. And Aaradhya was with me throughout.”

“Chalo, for me at least there is the freedom of flexibility. Whether I work or not is my choice. The hours that I decided to shoot were worked around my daughter’s time-table. But what about those thousands of women who must work with no room for concessions as a mother. How difficult it must be for them to wrench themselves away from their children!”