Adnan Sami shares the first picture of his daughter Medina

Adnan Sami and his wife Roya Sami welcomed their first child a baby girl on May 8, 2017 and the proud father shared the first image of his adorable daughter. The picture shows Adnan and Roya adorably posing with their baby. In another picture, Adnan Sami is seen holding his daughter. Baby Medina was dressed like a princess. The couple named their daughter Medina, after a holy place. Medina is the second most holy city for Islam after Mecca.

Sharing the first picture of Medina, Adnan wrote#"It gives me great pleasure in sharing the photos of our beloved daughter Medina with you... May God bless her always."

Adnan Sami broke the news of his child’s birth in the following words. “Roya & I hv bin blessed wt an angelic baby girl. We’v named her Medina Sami Khan. Prayed for a daughter. Over Joyed!#daddyslittlegirl,” he posted then.

Welcoming his little bundle of joy to the world, Adnan said, “Medina is the most incredible thing that’s happened to us. Both Roya and I always wanted a daughter and she is already my lucky charm. I have found a new inspiration for my music through her and she is going to be the centre of my world.”

In an interview with Bombay Times, Adnan revealed, “Whenever I would hear about the incredible relationship between a father and a daughter, I would tell myself, ‘Hota hoga.. aisi kya baat hai? (It might be possible, what’s so great about it?)’ But only after experiencing it myself did I realise how really beautiful it is.”

Adnan added that he has been singing all kinds of songs and lullabies to his baby. “Medina has her own singer on call. I sing her all kinds of songs and lullabies. These are once-in-a-lifetime moments. Zindagi chalti rehti hain, yeh pal kabhi laut ke nahin aayenge (Life goes on, and these moments do not come back). I’m enjoying and cherishing every moment. It’s very important to do that,” Adnan was further quoted.

In 2016, Adnan Sami got the Indian citizenship. Adnan said he will soon apply for his daughter’s citizenship too. “That is something I will do proudly for my children. Medina was born in Germany as Roya’s family is there. When I bring her to India, we will complete the necessary formalities,” said Adnan.
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